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The EnterChange Brand Story

Every brand has a story of how it came to be. The story represents a company’s personality and values. Here’s the brand story of how The EnterChange became our brand.

The Arrows: Coming Together, Creating Synergy

Our logo reflects our passion to bring together active and engaged entrepreneurs at every stage of business from all around Indy. When you look at our logo, you see four arrows coming together to form an intersection within the negative space and create a larger unit with the positive space.  The four arrows also represent the different types of space within our 20,000 square foot facility. The EnterChange provides open coworking space, private offices, meeting and training rooms, and even a fun event venue!

We want our coworking space to be an interchange where people come together to exchange innovative ideas and swap business tips and tricks as well as business cards. We want this coworking, office and meeting space to be a hub of networking and productivity, creating synergy for our members.  Synergy is the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. We provide a professional and collaborative working environment where entrepreneurs can focus on driving creative results for their business.

The Colors: Friendly, Engaging and Professional

The colors of our logo represent the engaging environment we encourage and the creative mix of professionals we want to attract. Bright blue is for trust and dependability; our team is here to serve you. You can count on us to provide a professional, secure place to develop your business. We want members to trust and count on each other too. Purple is for the creative spaces where your imagination can flourish. Orange is for the friendly and cheerful atmosphere we provide so you can feel comfortable to network with others. Last but not least, yellow stands for warmth and optimism; we are committed to supporting a positive, professional community for our members to succeed.

The Name: Providing Customers Spaces to Grow & Change

The EnterChange – it’s a variation of “interchange” to make our URL and brand unique. Interchange is an intersection, a hub, a place where people can meet and interact. We want our members to enter and make a positive change for their business. We know flexibility and affordability are critical to providing a comfortable environment where entrepreneurs can grow. That’s why our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with affordable coworking space that aligns with the life cycle of your business. We can flex our spacing options from temporary to long-term based on your evolving needs. So, members can enter here at one level and change to another level as their business develops and grows.

Come see for yourself. Give us a call to schedule a tour. We’d love to welcome you to be part of The EnterChange brand story.

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