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Working from home is limiting and distracting. Leasing an office requires commitments and expenses you may not be ready for just yet. Coworking offers the opportunity to immediately try several types of spaces with little risk while meeting other entrepreneurs, freelancers and consultants. The EnterChange has many office amenities included in space rentals that can quickly enhance your image, productivity and even your mood!

Yes, at first glance, it may seem more expensive, however, a coworking environment is more conducive to work than home. You can focus on the important business tasks at hand without the distractions of dishes, laundry, pets or house projects. When coworking, the expenses of utilities, high-speed internet, security, office furniture and equipment will be included in your rent, without high up-front costs or longterm commitments.

Coworking lets you create a work-life separation and adds to work-life balance. Whether you live in an apartment or a house, coworking can free needed space. Reclaim that dining room table or guest bedroom!

You can start small by using one of the shared spaces and move to a private office as your business grows. When you need to meet with clients or vendors, you can take advantage of the many conference rooms available for member use, including the boardroom and training room. And when it’s time to expand your team, just lease the additional space you need. Coworking spaces take the hassle out of setting up and running an office, so you can focus on growing your business.

You will most likely be surrounded by other professionals and their teams focused on running their business. Coworkers reinforce and support each other. You feel the energy and want to accomplish more, so you can share your progress. You will have more opportunities to network and socialize when it’s time to take a break.

At The EnterChange, you can also access the fitness center on your break without having to leave the building. You can give your mind a chance to ruminate on an idea while you give your body a physical workout. When it’s time for a meal break, you can use one of the two kitchens to heat and eat the lunch you brought, saving time and money over going out to restaurants.

Other office amenities for members:

  • Always free on-premise parking makes your life easier.
  • Complimentary coffee and tea whenever you need it.
  • Mail service drop-off and pick-up is now available with postal mailboxes at the front door.
  • Sound-controlled recording room and video studio available for use.
  • Printer/copier workstation when you need to make some hard copies.
  • The Vault – a 2,000 sq. ft. unique event venue for team building and company parties.
Here at The EnterChange, we are all about flexibility. We want to make coworking work for you. Let’s schedule a tour to find what will work best for you.
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Coworking is good for your business and for your mental and emotional well being. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s a quick compilation of coworking statistics from recent surveys and articles that explain why coworking is so popular – and good for you.

10,000 Spaces Worldwide and Growing

A recent GCUC survey found:

  • 84% of coworkers are more engaged and motivated because they can work the way they want and bring their authentic self to work.
  • 80% turn to other members for help or guidance.
  • 82% expanded their professional networks.
  • 83% felt less lonely.
  • 89% reported they were happier.

Source: https://gcuc.co/why-coworking/

Not Just for Solo Workers

Coworking spaces aren’t just for freelancers and consultants. Coworking is also used by business employees. In fact, in 2017, business employees became the largest demographic in global coworking spaces, surpassing freelancers.

It is a common misperception that coworking spaces are filled with solo entrepreneurs desperate for some social interaction. Don Ball, co-founder and chief social officer of Fueled Collective, surveyed his members this year (2018) and found this wasn’t the case. Of those surveyed:

  • Only 50 percent self-identified as individual workers (consultants, freelancers, or telecommuters)
  • 40 percent categorized themselves as employees (people who work for an employer at a coworking space)
  • 10 percent classified themselves as employers (business owners or business unit managers who had employees)

In his article for Entrepreneur.com, Ball said coworking spaces act as accelerators for business growth. The constant interaction with outside companies allows for natural networking opportunities, helping businesses find new clients, customers, talent and collaboration opportunities that fast-track growth. Of their survey respondents, roughly 75 percent of employers and 33 percent of individuals expect to add new employees in 2018.

  • 40 percent expect to hire 1 to 2 people
  • 27 percent expect to hire 3 to 5 people
  • 10 percent expect to hire 6 or more people

Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/314191

Meaningful, More Job Control and Part of a Community

A 2015 Harvard Business review article stated, “People who use coworking spaces see their work as meaningful…. They have more job control… They feel part of a community.” The people they surveyed for the article reported finding meaning because they can “bring their whole selves to work.” Because members work for a range of companies or ventures, they didn’t feel the need to put on a work persona to fit in. So, there was a sense of less direct competition or internal politics to guard against.

People feel they have more control of their lives because they can work when they want and choose to work in whatever space they want depending on their mood or assignment that day.  They also found working in a coworking space created a culture where it is the norm to help each other. The range of workers in the community offered a variety of skill sets accessible to other members.  This sense of being connected with others is a key reason why people choose to work in a coworking space. Plus, as noted above, there’s a greater chance you’ll just be happier!

Source:  https://hbr.org/2015/05/why-people-thrive-in-coworking-spaces

In our next post, “Why Coworking, Part 2”, we’ll share more about our coworking space and the amenities we think you will find attractive.

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The EnterChange is officially open for business. Co-owners Gregory Keyler and Douglas Pillow will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 8, 2018 to formally introduce the new coworking space to the business community. The EnterChange grand opening will start with networking and refreshments, then proceed with welcoming remarks and introduction of the keynote speaker, IEDC President Elaine Bedel. The ribbon cutting and tours of the newly renovated facility will immediately follow.

“We are extremely excited to have IEDC President Elaine Bedel be our keynote speaker,” says Keyler, managing director of The EnterChange. “She will present an Indiana economic update at 4:45 p.m., including trends related to start-up business and new businesses coming to our great state.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 3960 Southeastern Avenue. Free parking will be available onsite for public use.

The EnterChange provides entrepreneurs with engaging and affordable coworking spaces, private offices and meeting/event space. The EnterChange is a 20,000 square foot coworking environment located just eight minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

“We want to help entrepreneurs like us who need a convenient office space close to downtown without the hassles of parking or higher fees often associated with the downtown location,” says Keyler.

The idea to develop a flexible office and meeting space center began two years. The team noted how the open coworking/flexible office concept was taking hold in Indianapolis. They also closely followed efforts to revitalize the southeastern corridor of Indianapolis with a planned 140-acre development of the new Indianapolis Community Justice system by 2022.

“Because of the building’s location we knew we had an opportunity to be on the forefront of helping revitalize the southeast side of Indianapolis,” states Keyler.

The team renovated the 3960 Southeastern Avenue building into a modern, professional office center. Now they are ready to rent this unique coworking space to fellow entrepreneurs. Membership fees are generally based on month-to-month rentals, although alternative hourly rates are available.

“Our goal is to bring together active and engaged entrepreneurs at every stage of business with the tech community and local university resources,” remarks Pillow.


About The EnterChange
The EnterChange provides entrepreneurs with engaging and affordable coworking spaces that can easily flex with your evolving business needs with temporary to long-term options. The EnterChange is located just eight minutes from downtown Indianapolis and offers 20,000 square foot co-working space, private offices, meeting rooms and event space. Fast wi-fi, free parking, fitness center, copy/print workroom, two kitchens and private recording room and video studio are among the great amenities included for members.

About Elaine Bedel, IEDC President
Elaine Bedel was appointed by Governor Eric Holcomb in 2017 to serve as president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, the state’s lead economic development agency.
Prior to serving the state in her current role, Elaine served as president, chief executive officer and chief compliance officer of Bedel Financial Consulting Inc., a role held since she founded the company in 1989. Bedel is an author of a personal finance book and is a nationally recognized speaker, providing financial expertise at conferences across the nation as well as internationally. For more information, https://iedc.in.gov/leadership/iedc-president

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Welcome to The EnterChange – Indy’s newest coworking space. The EnterChange offers you engaging and affordable coworking spaces that can easily flex with your evolving business needs. Fully furnished spaces enable you to focus on driving your business. Network with other entrepreneurs. Exchange ideas. Develop new contacts. Here you will find plenty of space for both collaboration and concentration. Only 8 minutes from downtown Indianapolis.

The EnterChange offers more amenities under one roof than many downtown options. With 20,000 square feet of space, The EnterChange gives you a lot of open coworking stations, semi-private cubes, private offices and conference rooms. Members have access to a training room, an executive boardroom, a sound-controlled recording and video studio, 2 kitchens with seating areas, a fitness center and, yes, free parking. Also, The EnterChange has a unique event venue called The Vault. The Vault is a great place to hold company parties and team building events. Outfitted with an 8-seat theater, a private bar with seating areas, a billiard room, and shuffleboard, this unique event venue offers ample room for mingling. Of course, you can access hi-tech, high-speed Internet throughout our center to help you be productive. Safety is also key to providing an innovative environment. We have strategically placed cameras inside and outside of our building to ensure the highest safety. We offer key-card access located at the main entry points. 24/7 access is available.

The only thing missing is you, tech community and start-up’s! Help turn Indy’s newest coworking space into a thriving community of active professionals at every stage of business. Schedule your tour today.

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